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Quakers protest military spending

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Maryteresa “Missy” Conrad, Diane Keefe and Virginia Auster protested military spending Monday outside the Main Post Office in SoNo.

“Many taxpayers rushing to mail their returns voiced agreement. One walked quickly by yelling, ‘MAGA baby’ in disagreement,” Keefe wrote.

The trio of Quakers passed out flyers claiming that 57% of the country’s discretionary spending goes to the military, including $718 billion in the 2020 budget, Keefe said.  The protesters quoted the late Rev. Martin Luther King and called for building fewer F-35 fighter planes and more of solar and wind projects.

“Jobs from peaceful activities not war,” she wrote.

“Our tax dollars need to be directed to solving the poverty and climate change problems of the world, not on financing more war making,” she wrote.

Courtesy of Nancy On Norwalk