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On Campus Frequently Asked Questions

Gathering Questions

Local Food Questions

Questions about what to expect on the University of Toledo campus

Traveling Questions

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Gathering Questions

How do I submit an announcement to the Daily Bulletin?

You can submit an online request form, email [email protected], or complete a paper form at the Information Desk. All submissions are due by 2:00 p.m. for the following day's Bulletin.

Where can I read the Daily Bulletin online?

The Gathering Schedules and Handouts page will be updated throughout the week with new Daily Bulletins!

Where should I go when I have a question or problem during the Gathering?

Our Info Desk (Student Union) has a wealth of information, lists of resource people at the Gathering, and friendly people able to help find answers if they don't know something. For some issues they might refer you to the Gathering Office (215-561-1700, option 2). Except for emergencies, please check with the Info Desk or Gathering Office first. Info Desk Hours are 8am to 10pm. Gathering Office hours are 8am to 9pm.

Here are some other useful phone numbers.

  • Emergency Assistance (police, ambulance, fire): On campus: (419) 530-2600 OR 911

    Campus Security (non-emergency): (419) 530-2601
  • Poison Information Center: 800-222-1222
  • Toledo Hospital: (419) 291-4000 - 2142 N Cove Blvd, Toledo, OH 43606
  • Pro-Medica Urgent Care Facility: (567) 585-0225 - 3430 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH
  • Rite Aid: (419) 531-1172 - 3325 W. Central Ave, Toledo, OH
  • Replacement keys or meal cards if lost: University of Toledo Housing Office in Ottawa West

What if I just want to come for the day?

If you want to come for the day, adults (age 18 and older) can register as a Part-Time attender, either online or onsite Monday (7/2) - Friday (7/6) at the Info Desk in the Student Union. One-day attendence is $95. More about Part-Time attendance.

You can also register just for Rev. Barber's plenary address on Thursday, July 5 for a suggested donation of $10 per person. More details and tickets available here.

Local Food Questions

If I want to buy just a few meals in the dining center, what are the prices?

Attenders staying off-campus and part-timers will be able to purchase individual meals at the cafeteria. Any pre-Gathering meals (before Sunday dinner) will also be at these prices.

Adult, High School, & Middle School (age 12 and up)

Breakfast: $7

Lunch: $9

Dinner: $10.50

Youth (age 6-11)

Breakfast: $6

Lunch: $7

Dinner: $8

Child (age 2-5)

Breakfast: $5

Lunch: $6

Dinner: $6

There is no charge for ages 2 and under.

Questions about what to expect on the University of Toledo campus

Where can I park?

The University of Toledo will issue a city ticket if you are not parked in an approved lot. For Gathering Check-In on Saturday 6/30, or Sunday 7/1, you may temporarily park in the International House Parking Lot (Area 26) while you Check-In. Long term parking is available in: parking lot 8, 9, 25S, 26, and 27B. If you are arriving on Friday 6/29 or late at night, you may temporarily park in the Ottawa West lot (Area 27A) to obtain your room key in Ottawa West. (view a downloadable PDF map of campus) There is NO overnight parking in the Ottawa West Lot!

Priority parking: there will be limited Priority Parking for individuals with accessibiltiy needs near the Student Union. You will need to register with the University in order to utilize this parking. The University will have a table at Check-in to enroll you into the Parking Lot system. Please bring your car license plate number with you to Check-in.  The University does ticket out of place cars. University forms will also be available for Priority Parking at the Access Resources table or Info Desk in the Student Union. Cars registered with the university for priority parking may be parked in most lots labelled A around campus.

If you are commuting to campus or a part-time attender, you may park in lots 8, 9, 25S, 26, and 27B.

Is there laundry on campus?

There is one laundry room per dorm. Our accessibility team will have fragrance-free laundry detergent available - please use it!