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Anti-racism Events at the 2021 Gathering

Justice is what love looks like in public. ~Cornel West

The last year has underscored the ways in which racism permeates all parts of our society. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to reveal inequities in access to education, healthcare, work, food, and housing. Anti-Black violence, white supremacy and racism  are clearly visible in our culture. We read about it, see it on the news, and experience it every day. And we are called to transform into an antiracist faith community. Transformation, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly is both difficult and necessary. Friends have tools for self-reflection and transformation. In the spirit of continuing revelation we can lean on one another, learn from each other, and act in faith to create a just and loving society together. The Gathering offers many opportunities for Friends to actively engage in this work of transformation. 

We invite you to attend the following events:

White People/ People of European descent Addressing Racism

Events for only People of Color can be found here.


We have multiple workshops at the Virtual Gathering that offer tools to understand the systems of racism and build our capacity in taking action for racial justice. Some are for Friends newer to antiracism work, and some are for those who have more experience.

Workshop options addressing racism include:

Afternoon Activities (4:30-6:00 pm eastern)

2021 Afternoon Activities will be listed in June

People of Color Center  

FGC Author Events

American Friends Service Committee

Friends Committee National Legislation

Youth Programs

High School

  • Due to the discernment of the 2020 High School Business Meeting, the 2021 High School program will include training sessions on anti-racism and liberation.
  • Optional Racial Affinity Groups include: People of Color Affinity Group and White People Affinity Group.

Junior Gathering

  • Storytime hosted by the People of Color Center - Tuesday
  • Guest artist Niyonu Spann joins Junior Gathering for Wednesday evening’s All Ages Concert and Thursday’s Junior Gathering session.

Evening Programs (8:00-9:30 pm EDT)