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Background Check -- Frequently Asked Questions

Why does FGC conduct background checks?

Friends General Conference is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which every person is safe and free from fear. To do our best to insure such safety, FGC must conduct a background investigation with particular attention to possible child abuse and/or criminal convictions of all people who work with minors in a supervisory position, who may take minors off the program site, or provide care overnight. 

Who needs a background check? or Who does not need a background check?

- Our policy has required a background check for all youth and childcare workers in supervisory positions (see Definitions).  This has included all Junior Gathering Group Coordinators and High School Counselors.

- This year Junior Gathering Support Staff and Workshop leaders are not required to have a background check.

Which types of checks are conducted on applicants?

- All applicants for Supervisory positions will have social security verification and a criminal history check with particular attention to possible child abuse.

- Only those who will be driving minors will have a check of their motor vehicle records (“driving records”).

Will FGC run a credit check?


How confidential are these reports?

- All background checks will be held in the strictest of confidence by FGC.  Files will be maintained for up to 20 years (until the youngest child reaches majority plus 2 years) in a secure file.  Access to these files will be limited to paid FGC conference staff, their supervisors, the FGC General Secretary, the FGC presiding clerk, and the clerk of LRCP.  Each spring when workload is high, a volunteer file clerk may access these files always in the presence of one of these Friends.   These files are the property of FGC.  Upon written request to the Conference Coordinator, workers shall have access to their files except for letters of reference, which are confidential and not available to the worker.  The file is not available to others outside of FGC.

- When contractually required, FGC will share the reports with selected staff of the Host Institution (that is, the site of the pertinent FGC event/s).

- FGC will obtain from the Host Institution its policy regarding protecting the confidentiality of such reports. This policy will be available from FGC upon request.


Definitions of key terms -

third party consumer reporting agency:  At this time we are using First Advantage Background Services Corporation, in Atlanta Georgia.   Their Privacy Policy can be reviewed at .

 investigative consumer reports: these may contain information regarding your criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records (“driving records”), or other background checks.

supervisory position: any Youth and Childcare Worker who is supervising other Workers, or who has overnight responsibilities with Youth, or who might be alone with Youth

If you think there is a potential that this Background Check could put you at risk*, please contact the Gathering or  Gathering Youth Coordinator to discuss your situation.

*immigration status, financial situation, etc.