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Virtual High School Program 2020

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Children and Teens
Date and Time: 
Sunday, June 28, 2020 - 6:30pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not holding an in-person Gathering in 2020

Virtual Gathering’s High School program emphasizes community connection, relationship-building, and identity development.

What is the Virtual Gathering's High School Program?

The High School Program includes all Virtual Gathering activities (workshops, evening program, worship, etc.), as well as additional High School-specific programming. The program provides flexibility for participants to attend sessions based on their interest and availability. The daily support group* anchors the week, where participants meet in small groups with peers and staff to engage in personal and spiritual activities. High schoolers are also invited to participate in our identity-based affinity groups and nightly hang-outs for music, games and creative silliness!

*The Support Group is the only mandatory aspect of Virtual Gathering’s High School program. Support groups will be offered at a variety of times to enable participant involvement. Participants can choose which additional activities they would like to attend during the week. Workshop participation is strongly encouraged.

The 2020 High School program will take place on Zoom from June 28-July 4. It is set up for participation from muliple time zones in North America. The High School Program, and all of Virtual Gathering, will be Pay-as-Led this year.

Who Is in the High School Program?

The High School program is open to young people who have completed ninth grade, and have not yet turned 19 as of June 28, 2020. The High School program is for full-time attenders only.

Welcome From the High School Coordinators

We wholeheartedly welcome you to join about one hundred high school-aged Quakers from all over North America for a week full of spiritual exploration, community building, and fun.

High schoolers are their own self-governing community (with a little help from adult f/Friends who serve as counselors). The program includes workshops, worship, support groups, affinity groups, and a final celebration. There are also opportunities for dancing, singing, committee work, sleep, and hanging out.


  • Provide a supportive and healthy social and spiritual community for Quaker youth that enables engagement and connection to Quaker practice and Quaker values.

  • Provide unprogrammed time for participants to develop connections, leisure, voluntary activities, and attend to self-care needs.

  • Provide a brave space for each participant to discover and express themselves truly and freely.

Choose a Workshop

For many participants, workshops are the heart of their Gathering experience. Some workshops are designed specifically for high schoolers or high schoolers and young adults. Intergenerational workshops have an attendance of about half younger people (young adults and high schoolers) and half older adults.

New for 2020: David and Nancy Haines will be leading a week-long workshop for High schoolers and Adult Young Friends on Quaker leadership and business practices, including virtual clerking.

Workshops are not required for High School participants in the 2020 Virtual Gathering, though they are strongly recommended.

Shared Expectations

The high school program is a unique and loving community. All who participate are asked to commit to the safety and health of all community members, to use common sense and to meet all Gathering expectations, including those about sexual activity, and recreational drugs and alcohol. Participants in the High School program are expected to plan to attend for the entire week of Gathering to help build our community, and attend all required High School program events.

The complete program guidelines will be e-mailed in advance of the Gathering, as will the all-Gathering expectations. These may also be viewed online : Participant Expectations for FGC High School Program, Guidelines of FGC High School Program. All-Gathering expectations are also available at this link.

**We are currently adapting our Program Guidelines and Safety Policy as we move our youth programming online. These documents will be posted here in the coming weeks.

All High School participants need a signed Parental Release Form. Please complete the form here.

We welcome people with specific needs of a medical or non-medical nature. If a young person, parent or guardian believes the young person has any needs of which the program should be aware, they should contact the coordinators.


Letter to High School Youth

Letter to Parents and Guardians

Sneak Peak of the Week Calendar

Online Youth Safety Policy

Virtual Gathering High School Program Guidelines


Children and Teens Staff Applications

Junior Gathering staff information & application : We are no longer accepting Junior Gathering staff for Virtual Gathering 2020.

High School Program staff information & application : We are no longer accepting High School staff for Virtual Gathering 2020.

Children and Teens Registration Deadlines

June 25, 2020: High School (rising tenth through graduating twelfth grade)

June 28, 2020: Junior Gathering (infant through rising ninth grade) 



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