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Workshops offer Gathering adults and high school participants the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Friends stay in the same workshop throughout the week, forming a small community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00 to 11:45AM, Monday-Friday during Gathering. Most workshops include daily worship or worship sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions about workshops

2019 Workshop Descriptions

Click on the workshop title to read a detailed description. Use the filter tools to display workshop by audience type (age group), or by keyword. Workshops marked with * are for different levels of experience - learn more about anti-racism workshop levels. Workshops leaders will be adding more details to their workshop pages over the winter. You can sign up on the Gathering email list to be notified when the expanded descriptions are available.

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This workshop will focus on all aspects, both theoretical and practical, of being a presiding clerk of a Friends meeting or committee. There will be handouts and opportunities for experience sharing. All work will be done in a whole group setting. There will be a $10 materials charge.

Workshop Number 11 | Arthur M. Larrabee | Steve Mohlke

We’ll begin with basic climate science and then journey to addressing climate change, both as individuals and with public policy. Queries/questions specific to global warming include: What are the bases for hope? What future do we envision? How are we empowered to achieve that future?

Workshop Number 12 | Emily Northrop

We gather in worship, silently opening ourselves to the divine flow, entrusting our souls to God's infinite love and care.

Workshop Number 13 | Jorge Arauz

This workshop will look at the theological contributions of four early Friends – George Fox, Margaret Fell, James Nayler, and Richard Farnworth – in the light of the most recent scholarship. What were they trying to say to their contemporaries, and what do they have to say to us today?

Workshop Number 14 | Stephen Angell

Anger, fear, grief, and pain hinder us from feeling connected with the Spirit and our own healing energies. Practicing forgiveness opens us to a more peaceful way of being and to ways we can support justice. This workshop focuses on tools and techniques for doing forgiveness work, not on therapy.

Workshop Number 15 | Sue Regen

We explore five spiritual evolution stations: how contemplation emerges from silence, how belief/faith evolves in contemplation, how love-agape blossoms from seeds of faith, how faithful action is moved by love, and how faithful divine service brings about inner peace. Participants will share experiences, deepen current practices and learn new practices.


Workshop Number 16 | L V M Shelton

We will explore how racism and white supremacy operate in our stories, bodies and communities and explore ways to interrupt and shift the normative stories and movements that keep racism moving. This is an intermediate level workshop for white people and people of color (including affinity groups).

Workshop Number 17 | Lucy Duncan | Noah White

This workshop will explore how journal keeping can be used creatively in one’s spirit journey. Participants will learn how journaling can facilitate the creation of mandalas to celebrate our lives, and will be shown ways the time-honored tradition of Quaker journals may have a place in our lives today. 

Workshop Number 18 | Mike Heller | Charlie Finn

Let's make kites! We will build our kites and enjoy Spirit work while making and flying as we explore this metaphor of the Spirit. Slideshows and music in addition to worshipful silence will help participants consider their experiences with wind, Spirit, and kites. $5 donation requested. HG1 participants warmly welcome.

Workshop Number 19 | Chuck Jones

A light-hearted, but serious, workshop for anyone who is bad at being good.

In this workshop, attendees will participate in a joyful, interactive exploration of the testimonies. With whimsy, humor, and wisdom, we’ll explore how to live a life that is simple yet satisfying, peaceful yet strong. 

Workshop Number 20 | J. Brent Bill