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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


Workshops offer Gathering adults and high school participants the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Friends stay in the same workshop throughout the week, forming a small community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00 to 11:45AM, Monday-Friday during Gathering. Most workshops include daily worship or worship sharing.

Workshop registrations are temporarily closed. You can read information on the website, and then choose a workshop when you check in at the Gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions about workshops

2019 Workshop Descriptions

Click on the workshop title to read a detailed description. Use the filter tools to display workshop by audience type (age group), or by keyword. Workshops marked with * are for different levels of experience - learn more about anti-racism workshop levels. Workshops leaders will be adding more details to their workshop pages over the winter. You can sign up on the Gathering email list to be notified when the expanded descriptions are available.

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Spirit-filled worship is a gift. We can’t make it happen, yet there are things we can do to ready ourselves to receive this gift, and to open to it. This workshop will focus on practices which can make us more ready to receive the blessed gift of powerful, transformative worship.

Workshop Number 21 | Christopher Sammond

In this workshop we will explore the historical truth of colonization, the role that Quakers played, and its effects on Indigenous Peoples. We will look at our reponsibilities as allies today with the wisdom and guidance of “Active Hope” and the “Good Mind” as we move forward into Right Relationship. 

Workshop Number 22 | Buffy Curtis | Liseli Haines

What does it mean to be a guest in another community’s scripture? Can we as Friends read the Qur’an in anticipation of a spiritual encounter? Will this enhance interfaith understanding? This workshop proposes to explore the scripture of Islam in a worshipful spirit, open to divine guidance as we read.

Workshop Number 23 | Michael Birkel

How do we understand the unseen issues in rural America? Centering on place, this workshop addresses inclusive community transformation and approaches to building ethical connections as the first step to sustainable action. Participate in group discussions, walk within the local community, and lay groundwork for future engagements with partners.

Workshop Number 24 | Keira Wilson | Christian Hayden

Experience a playful metaphor of physical spaces to understand how spiritual formation occurs in our Meetings, other than “by osmosis”. Reflecting on listening, fellowship, witness, and other aspects of Meeting life, we will examine our own spiritual journeys, how we accompany others (eldership), and the spiritual condition of Meetings.

Workshop Number 25 | Michael Green | Marsha Green

This workshop will examine Friends' Faith and Practice, the Hebrew Scriptures, and the Life of Jesus. The workshop goals are to increase our awareness of the connection between Judaism and Friends faith and practice, and to open up new Light for ourselves and each other.

Workshop Number 26 | Janis Kelly

The Sacred Harp (or "shape note singing") is a four-part, a capella American hymn singing tradition that many find to be a powerful spiritual and community-building experience. New singers will learn, and experienced singers will grow in their appreciation of singing from the Sacred Harp. 

Workshop Number 27 | Paul Landskroener | Carol Crawford

How can photography and video contribute to social justice and help resist oppression? Join seasoned AFSC staff as we explore the ethics, practices and challenges of photography based on Quaker values. Explore creative ways to frame and share your work. We won't stop at theory as we emphasize your involvement.

Workshop Number 28 | Jon Krieg | Bryan Vana, Nathaniel Doubleday

Strong and shy singers are welcome to join this circle of f/Friends singing rounds, spirituals, sacred chants, peace, fun and world songs in the oral tradition. Singing together will energize our bodies and nurture our souls, with music that affirms our diversity, reflects our beauty, and celebrates our unity.

Workshop Number 29 | Ruth Fitz

Examine self-care and its effect on your spiritual development. Nurture your life with practices that honor your authentic self: journaling, prayer, movement, study, and spiritual friendships. Participants will create personalized self-care plans to enhance our overall wellbeing and resilience as we cultivate peace in our hearts, justice in the world. For People of Color only.

Workshop Number 30 | Regina Renee Ward