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Workshops offer Gathering adults and high school participants the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Friends stay in the same workshop throughout the week, forming a small community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00 to 11:45AM, Monday-Friday during Gathering. Most workshops include daily worship or worship sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions about workshops

2019 Workshop Descriptions

Click on the workshop title to read a detailed description. Use the filter tools to display workshop by audience type (age group), or by keyword. Workshops marked with * are for different levels of experience - learn more about anti-racism workshop levels. Workshops leaders will be adding more details to their workshop pages over the winter. You can sign up on the Gathering email list to be notified when the expanded descriptions are available.

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What is essential? How much is enough? Is my use of time, energy and "things" in right balance to free me to do God's work, and contribute to right order in our world? We'll consider queries, play, sing, and reflect on implications of our personal choices and their ripple effects.

Workshop Number 31 | Jacqueline Stillwell

Explore how everything we use and interact with cycles out of the biosphere and back to it again. We’ll compare ecological impacts of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and develop effective individual strategies for materials stewardship in our lives. Daily hands-on upcycling activities will provide opportunities for artistic expression.

Workshop Number 32 | Veronica Burrows

Participants who want to help their meetings – and themselves – grow less fear-driven and more whole will explore the nature of conflict and the conflicts that arise in our meetings and then gain tools for transforming conflicts, including an introduction to circle processes for strengthening community.

Workshop Number 33 | Karen Reixach | Stuart Bartram, Hugo Lane

We are called to Walk in the Light, to be patterns and examples, worship deeply, and practice a living faith grounded by the Inward teacher. Experiential activities will affirm our Quaker identity, invite us to encounter Truth, prompt Spirit-guided action, and build Beloved Community. Sponsored by FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program.

Workshop Number 34 | Rachel Ernst Stahlhut | Lori Sinitzky

Why don’t more people who visit our meetings really join us? The Welcoming Friend Project has been exploring how meetings can better meet the needs of new attenders, especially People of Color, LGBTQ folks, and families. We will teach participants how their meetings can cultivate a culture of welcoming.

Workshop Number 35 | Holly Baldwin | Michelle Brimage

A highly-interactive beginning/intermediate level workshop for people of European American descent interested in understanding the forces of racism in our lives. We will explore the impact of racism through presentations, films and discussion, and consider our own racial justice response, and our part in co-creating the beloved community.

Workshop Number 36 | Polly Attwood | Fran Brokaw

This workshop is full for participants over age 35

New and experienced crafters, we’ll practice handwork together, with queries about gifts, ministry, making, and spiritual practices of magic and prayer.  We’ll make small pieces to assemble into a gift for the Healing Center, and each begin a gift for ourselves.  Leaders prepared to teach beginning knitting and crochet.

Workshop Number 37 | Katherine Spinner | Stasa Morgan-Appel

Journey to inward peace with pen and ink using contemplative drawing as a form of meditation. Experience an easy-to-learn art through quiet mark making (continuous lines, blind contour,  Zentangle* patterned art, and more).  Explore new ways to center in a safe space, spreading creative peace together and with others.

Workshop Number 38 | Sadelle Wiltshire

Theatre of the Oppressed, created in the 1970s by a Brazilian, Augusto Boal, is now worldwide. As participants, you’ll act out a personal incident of oppression. Then you rerun the scene. An observer yells “Stop!” and takes over the role of the oppressed. You’ll dramatize social injustice and change outcomes.

Workshop Number 39 | Carl Stieren | KT Glusac, and Dillon Sebastian

Experience body balancing, kayaking, fishing, archery, spinning poi, and possibly slack lining with Quakers. Challenging physical activities clear mental distractions, promote present-centeredness, and harness physical energy towards spiritual experience.  Come be vibrant in body and spirit! Activity fee: $14 CASH.  (Financial aid available). Please read online detail before selecting!

Workshop Number 40 | MaryHelen Lewis | Jess Klaassen-Wright