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Airport Transportation Services

Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Shuttle Transportation

Black & White Transportation will provide roundtrip transportation from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the Toledo Express Airport and the Toledo Amtrak & Greyhound Station to the University of Toledo for a flat rate. Gathering attendees coming at similar times will be grouped together. Reservations are made through an online portal just for Gathering attenders - make online shuttle reservations here. Friends can also make reservations over the phone with Vicki from Black & White: 419-536-3722, ext 5. Be sure to mention that you are with Friends General Conference.

The deadline for shuttle reservations is June 17.

Wheelchair and Special Needs

Black & White can accommodate most wheelchairs and scooters. They have both vans with ramps and larger vehicles with lifts. They can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters up to 800lbs. Notate your need for a ramp or lift vehicle when making your reservation.

If you need a shuttle vehicle that can accommodate wheelchairs over 800lbs, please contact the Gathering Office.

Please contact the Accessibility Needs Coordinator if you would like to arrange a scooter rental.

Shuttle Price

Detroit Metropolitan Airport - University of Toledo: $35 per person each way

Toledo Express Airport - University of Toledo: $25 per person each way

Toledo Amtrak / Greyhound Station - University of Toledo: $25 per person each way

Wheelchair-accessible shuttle: $45 per person each way (Please contact the Gathering Office if the fee difference is a hardship for you.)

Trips entirely within Ohio are subject to 7.25% sales tax. Gratuity is optional, and not included in the shuttle price.

Shuttle Departures

The deadline for shuttle reservations is Sunday, June 17. Black & White Transportation will be scheduling vehicle sizes and drivers based on the number of advance reservations for departures. If you need to make changes to your reservation after June 17, contact Black & White by phone: 419-536-3722, ext 5.

Please allow at least one hour to get to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and half an hour to get to Toledo Express Airport or Toledo Amtrak/Greyound Station. The final Gathering shuttle should leave campus by 1:30pm on Saturday the 7th. (We ask everyone to leave campus by 2:00pm).

Note that closing worship is from 9 to 10am.

Shuttle Reservations

To make a shuttle reservation, use this online portal just for Gathering attenders. Reservations can also be made over the phone with Vicki from Black & White: 419-536-3722, ext 5. Be sure to mention that you are with Friends General Conference. Reservations made through the regular Black & White website will NOT reflect the discounted conference pricing.

To reserve airport transportation you need to know:

  • The date and scheduled time of arrival (or departure) and which airport/station you are arriving at
  • Where you are coming from (or going to), including flight/train numbers.
  • Names of everyone traveling with you, including ages of everyone under 18.
  • How many bags do you expect to bring?
  • Will you be bringing a wheelchair or scooter on board? (Select the number of people that need an accessible vehicle. Under "Accommodations/Note to Driver" section, list if you need a ramp or if you need a lift.)

Alternate Amtrak & Greyhound Transportation

TARTA is Toledo’s bus system, and has several lines that stop on the main University of Toledo campus. Bus fare is $1.25 one-way, which does not include transferring lines.

Some useful websites:

Child Car Seat Laws in Ohio

You will need to provide your own car seats for young children using the airport shuttle.

Follow these state guidelines:

  • Infants and young children must ride in a child safety seat until they are 4 years old AND weigh at least 40 pounds.
  • Every child ages 4-8 who is no longer in a car seat must use a booster seat until she reaches 4’9” tall.
  • Children and teens ages 8-15 who are not in booster seats must use adult seat belts.

Learn more about Ohio motor vehicle safety laws.