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(CANCELLED) Building a Culture of Multiage Inclusion

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Emily Provance
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Open to All
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half gathering attenders welcome
First half (Monday-Wednesday)
Second half (Wednesday/Thursday-Friday)

Many Friends yearn for vibrant, intergenerational meetings, but it's often difficult to see how our Quaker culture can get in the way.  We'll examine ten cultural barriers to multiage inclusion and how we can flip them.  Come prepared to talk, play, move, write, and draw our way through this work!

Workshop Description

We'll work our way through ten culture flips at a rate of two per day.  Each day will begin and end with a brief period of worship, and in between, we'll explore topics of Quaker culture through multiple modalities: we might talk, play games, sing, draw, or move in order to explore the serious topics at hand.  We'll practice the principles of multiage inclusion as we talk about what those principles are, and this will include a focus on how you can take the ideas back to your own meetings.

Topics to explore will include:

- Doing frequent work and service in neighborhood communities;

- Treating joy, gratitude, and play as holy;

- Using language to empower;

- Using social media;

- Building a permission-giving culture;

- Examining our traditions in the Light;

- Reducing financial costs and other financial barriers;

- Revamping our job descriptions; 

- Nurture the parents in our meetings;

- And increasing the time we spend physically together across age groups.

Leader Experience

Emily Provance is a frequent facilitator in in Friends' circles.  She has facilitated workshops at Powell House retreat center and in a variety of local meeting settings, working across generations.  She takes particular joy in using interactive, hands-on techniques.