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Walking in the Light: Quaker Faith in Action

Friends General Conference
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Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, Lori Sinitzky
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Open to All
Experiential Activities: 
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

We are called to Walk in the Light, to be patterns and examples, worship deeply, and practice a living faith grounded by the Inward teacher. Experiential activities will affirm our Quaker identity, invite us to encounter Truth, prompt Spirit-guided action, and build Beloved Community. Sponsored by FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program.

Workshop Description

We are called to Walk in the Light.  We are called to worship deeply and practice a living, vital, grounded, and relevant faith, guided by the Inward Teacher.  To live into this vision, we need to actively practice our faith with each other.  Come join us for a joy-filled, energizing, and affirming opportunity to celebrate our Quaker identity and embrace the transformative power of Quaker spirituality and practices.

FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program serves as a resource for individual Friends and meetings as we Walk in the Light.  Participants in this workshop will move through readings, exercises, and spiritual practices that offer tools and opportunities to engage in deeper worship, encounter the Seed of God within, and discover more ways of practicing our faith in service to the Beloved Community. 

The goals of this workshop are to affirm and nurture the power and joy of our Quaker identity; to explore the ways we are called to Walk in the Light; and to inspire participants to put faith into action – to live into the meaningful, impactful, and outward qualities of Quaker practice. Using the theme of “Walking in the Light: Quaker Faith in Action” as a guide, participants will develop a vision for the vital spiritual life they long for and will decide together on topics to be explored over subsequent days. Participants will nurture their journey by drawing from content and material offered in the Spiritual Deepening Program Library like Silence & Expectant Waiting; The Light, Seed, Christ Working In Us; Friendly Practices; Living into Beloved Community; Becoming Patterns & Examples. 

The facilitators will model a flexible and Spirit-led approach to small-group spiritual nurture.  Each day will be grounded in worship and time will be spent on a mix of exploring the writings of early Friends, group discussions, spiritual practices, and experiential activities (art, movement, journaling, role playing, music, and more).  All activities will be drawn from the Spiritual Deepening Program Library and participants will leave with a toolkit of resources for nurturing their individual spiritual journey or replicating this workshop experience with their meeting.  

Advanced preparation:

Read: Quakercraft: Becoming the Quakers the World Needs  by Robin Mohr 

Watch: Open for Transformation: Being Quaker, Ben Pink Dandelion’s 2014 Swarthmore Lecture (1 hour)

Please bring a journal. 

The Spiritual Depeening Toolkit will be provided as a PDF file.  Participants can request a bound and printed copy for $20.

Leader Experience

After traveling in the ministry among meetings across North America and listening to the stories of hundreds of Friends, Rachel discerned a leading to support individuals and meetings toward deeper spiritual connection and engagement. Rachel has traveled in the ministry with a focus on inreach and building spiritual community and is thrilled now to be working with Friends General Conference to coordinate the Spiritual Deepening Program.  She has designed workshops as short as 45 minutes and as long as 10 hours and is a seasoned facilitator and trainer.  Rachel always grounds her workshops in worship and invites participants to practice a variety of adult learning styles.

Lori has been a Friends school educator for more than 15 years. She founded the Quaker Ways committee at Greene Street Friends School and worked to infuse the school's culture and practices with Quaker ways. Lori joined FGC as the Spiritual Deepening Program Fellow in 2018 as part of her leading to contribute to the spiritual nurturing of Friends.