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Sparkling Still

Sparkling Still
QuakerPress Publication

Sparklers (1982) is back as Sparkling Still. Updated and re-imagined! You will find everything you need to create lessons for children ages 3 to 8 and build a classroom community. Topics include sense of self, family and community, the natural world, the Bible and Quakerism, worship, celebrations, empowerment, and Quaker testimonies, as well as guidance on hard issues like grief, divorce, extreme weather, violence, and more. Written with a busy, new First Day school teacher in mind, it folds in basic elements of teacher training and streamlines the whole lesson-planning process. Extensive booklists help make curriculum planning fun. A step-by-step Master Lesson Plan, blank lesson templates, and seven sample lessons give teachers a jump start. The modular shape of Sparkling Still lets you design programming for other uses too, such as meeting retreats, vacation First Day school, and in-home First Day school.

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