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QuakerSpeak: Interviews with modern Friends

QuakerSpeak is a web video series aimed at communicating Quaker experience to religious seekers and Friends meetings.  QuakerSpeak is a  project of Friends Journal. Series one was developed in collaboration with Friends General Conference and Quaker Voluntary Service.  New videos are still being produced and posted regularly.

Quakers threw out everything they saw as “empty forms” in the church of their day, including communion and baptism.

QuakerSpeak | 3:52 minutes
6:42 minutes

What is “the Light,” and why are Quakers so excited about it?


A compilation of the (mostly) ridiculous history of Quakers in the movies.

QuakerSpeak | 3:38 minutes

Eden Grace explains how the sacred discernment of seemingly trivial decisions can transform the world.

QuakerSpeak | 4:17 minutes

Whose murder “matters?” Victoria Greene’s son, Emir, was killed in 1997, one of countless victims society ignores. Now her ministry is to support families of murder victims and bring attention to the fact that every murder is real.

QuakerSpeak | 5:48 minutes

The Quaker conviction of equality sometimes caused small changes in behavior that ultimately had radical consequences. Thomas Hamm explains the origins of Quaker plain speech.

QuakerSpeak | 4:23 minutes

When these four Earlham students were standing in line for hot dogs, one of them cracked a joke about something being a “Quaker Problem”. Little did they know it would become a full-on international Quaker meme within a matter of weeks.

QuakerSpeak | 4:34 minutes

Noah Baker Merrill discusses sacramental living, Quaker Voluntary Service, and how our Quaker prophetic witness can transform the world.

QuakerSpeak | 3:10 minutes

Marcelle Martin on the Quaker practice of surrendering the self-will and how this practice will be absolutely crucial if we are going to avoid catastrophe.

QuakerSpeak | 4:03 minutes