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Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: June 2018

By Sharon Lane-Getaz and Justin Connor, Co-clerks of the Institutional Assessment Working Group and the Task Force | 6/18/18


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The FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism survey has 900+ responses as of June 8th:(66%) Female, (30%) Male, and (3%) Other. Five are FGC staff. The Task Force is sharing this report with interested Friends to forward on to their mailing lists. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the IAR survey will remain open through the end of the Gathering.

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We have heard from a broad array of FGC F/friends. (Thank you!) We still hope to hear testimonies of many more, particularly F/friends of Color and younger F/friends.

Demographics to date can be viewed at the end of this update.

FGC Institutional Assessment Timeline Completion Date

  • Mid-June: Pre-analyze survey responses to inform Pre-Gathering and Gathering Focus Groups
  • July 7th: Extend Institutional Assessment on Racism Survey through end of Gathering
  • Mid-July: Matrix team to finalize historical data gathering and summarize what has been discovered; Data Analysis team analyze survey responses; Identify themes from Focus Groups
  • End of July: Final Data Analysis Report to include: Themes and data from survey, Focus Groups, and FGC records
  • August 10-12th: Finalize IA Recommendations with Crossroads’ guidance at Task Force Meeting
  • Sept./Oct.: Present recommendations to Executive and Central Committees 

The IAR survey will remain open through the end of Gathering. Starting mid-June, the (360+) open-ended survey responses will be categorized as: (1) positive statements about the assessment, (2) constructive critiques of the survey, and, most importantly, (3) substantive testimonies on institutional racism. Some testimonies will be discussed during Focus Groups at Gathering and during regional summer sessions. The multiple IAR Focus Groups prior to and at Gathering will target key constituencies in addition to the general population. After Gathering, the Matrix team (names below) will summarize the historical data collected from FGC records, while the Data Analysis team "knits" together graphs, data summaries, and themes from the survey and Focus Groups.

At the end of July, a Final Data Analysis Report will be distributed to the Task Force and Crossroads to including themes and data and quotes from the survey, Focus Groups, and FGC records. Using elements of the Dynamic Governance participatory process, recommendations will be agreed to during our face-to-face Task Force meeting in August. After the August Meeting, the Report Writing team will prepare the final report for review by the Task Force. The most representative and powerful testimonies will be appended to the final report to allow these voices to be heard. The Executive Committee will review the final report prior to the fall Central Committee Meeting. The IAWG (our communications group) will continue to provide these monthly reports and intends to write an article about our process and what was learned for the Friends Journal January 2019 issue.

The IA Task Force members:

Marvin Barnes LEYM, IAWG, Continuum team (Data Analysis)

Justin Connor  BYM, IAWG, Continuum team

Janice Domanik  ILYM, Continuum team (Report Writing)

Michael Doo BYM, Matrix Team (Report Writing)

Vanessa Julye PHLYM, IAWG, Matrix Team

Sharon Lane-Getaz  NYM, IAWG, Survey team (Data Analysis)

Carolyn Lejuste  LEYM, IAWG, Survey team (Report Writing)

Katrina McQuail CYM, Survey team

Elanna Reber PHLY, Survey team

Marijke van Roojen  NYM, Matrix Team (Data Analysis)

Dwight Wilson LEYM, Matrix Team

Keira Wilson BYM/PHLYM, Continuum team

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