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Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Worship


12. Integrity and Simplicity

  • What does our Meeting understand to be the meaning and implication of our testimonies on simplicity and integrity?

  • How do our Meeting’s actions demonstrate this understanding?


11. Stewardship of Resources

  • Does our Meeting serve social and economic justice in its uses of property and money?


10. Stewardship of the Environment

  • Is the Meeting concerned that human interaction with nature be responsible, guided by a reverence for life and a sense of the splendor of God’s continuing creation?

9. Outreach

  • What are we doing as a Meeting to communicate our presence and our principles to the community around us? Does our Meeting’s ministry of outreach lead Friends to share their spiritual experiences with others?

8. Peace

How does our Meeting act to advance peace, to oppose violence, and to support the constructive use of authority in our community, our nation, and the world?

What are we doing as a Meeting: