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The development team has been working hard over the past month to enhance your Quaker Cloud experience. Here are a few highlights of the bugs and user requests that have been implemented:


Hello Friends --

Just a reminder that beginning October 1, 2017 (FGC's new fiscal year) the Quaker Cloud rates are increasing --

                                                                                     Paid annually      Setup fee
Meetings with fewer than 50 members and attenders    $150/year    None
Meetings with 50 or more members and attenders    $300/year    None


Our Users Group at Gathering has been cancelled. Sorry.

We will be having a Users Group meeting at Gathering next Thursday (July 6) at 3:15 pm (EDT). If you're not attending Gathering but would like to attend, you can connect via WebEx. Just use this link --


Just a quick note that our Quaker Cloud support person will be on vacation 3/27-4/3, 2017 so support will be limited during that period.  Be assured that on 4/3, she'll be back and catching up on support requests.  

As always, file your Quaker Cloud support tickets at [email protected]



As you know, the Quaker Cloud enables local meeting members and attenders to have different roles.  But we haven't had a handy definition for what those roles are and the differences between them.  Here's a quick guide!


Dear Friend,
Welcome to the first Quaker Cloud update of 2017. We hope you find this occasional eNewsletter helpful and informative. Please know that that we welcome your input and support. You can contact us anytime at [email protected]!

In the Spirit,
FGC Quaker Cloud Team

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