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Spiritual Deepening Small Groups: Materials for Children

Photo by Marta Rusek
Religious Education

Children often lead rich spiritual lives and are curious about faith, prayer, caring for each other and the world, and connecting with That Which is Eternal.  Adults offer children a powerful gift when we invite them to explore their spirituality in an open and creative environment.  The Spiritual Deepening Program provides resources and activities that speak to the experiences and the questions that fill children's lives.

In addition, the Spiritual Deepening library contains many exercises that are appropriate for All Ages.  These activities offer opportunities to build intergenerational connections by bringing adults and young people together for mutual learning. 

Many of the Spiritual Deepening activities for children are much more than reading a book to children and wondering about it together.  These exercises involve building the circle of children and adult(s), sharing about their lives (plusses and minuses or “roses and thorns’), centering together through song and/or breathing, sharing and wondering about a book together, doing an activity to respond and reflect on the book, and closing the time together.  

The children's materials in the Spiritual Deepening Library can be used to supplement your meeting's First Day School curriculum or can be used as stand-alone exercises.  Some smaller meetings without many children have found it useful to have Spiritual Deepening exercises on-hand for those times when families with children attend meeting for worship.

Sample Exercise for Children:

Unwrapping the Parcel

Sample Intergenerational Exercise: 

Making a Listening Mural