Use of the Meetinghouse

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The vision and intent of Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting is that our buildings and grounds nurture our Meeting for Worship, other activities of meeting life, and outward witness. The Meeting is committed to demonstrating good stewardship of our resources – physical as well as financial, natural and human. Through the appearance and utilization of our buildings and grounds, the Meeting strives to convey and manifest our Quaker testimonies. It commits to build partnerships with other users, to help address community needs, and to welcome the wider public to the extent that our resources and leadings can sustain.

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting is committed to balancing our need to generate revenue and our witness to serve the underserved or groups with modest resources. It wants the utilization of our buildings and grounds to be accessible to all while recognizing that the cost of certain accommodations may be financially prohibitive.

Requests for use of parts of our meetinghouse and grounds are reviewed by the Property Committee and a fee for use of the space is based on a fee schedule.

In order to request to use part of our meetinghouse or grounds, please print the attached form, complete it, and take or mail it to the meetinghouse. Once the meeting secretary has reviewed the form, checked the calendar and gotten approval from the Property Committee, he will contact you to let you know the price for using the space.

Download a copy of the Meetinghouse Use Request Form from the link below. (1-page PDF file)