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Communications Manager

Paid Position

The Communications Manager works closely with the General Secretary and other FGC staff to support ongoing communications work for the people we serve. This work is guided by FGC’s vision statement, minute of purpose, major goals and associated programs and overseen by the General Secretary. It will include substantial work with FGC’s primary website adding and updating content,, in Salesforce which is our primary database, and with a variety of communications tools for e-mail campaigns, social media work and basic graphic design. The Communications Manager, as a one-person communications department, has the need and opportunity to use a wide range of skills and knowledge.

This position both drafts external communications and supports other FGC staff in creating and distributing effective communications. Facility with or ability to learn a broad range of communications tools and platforms is key.

The person in this role will be responsible for coordinating technical support with various vendors and with purchasing needed software and hardware. The person in this role will also be a part of FGC’s staff Tech Team.

The person in this role will preferably work from the Philadelphia office; but FGC is open to someone working remotely in this position.

Desired Qualifications:


College graduate or equivalent experience.


1. Creating online content for websites and social media; podcast and video creation a plus.

2. Providing communications and communications technology training/support for staff.

3. With content management systems, preferably using Drupal and/or Wordpress.

4. Working collaboratively with colleagues/volunteer committee members on complex projects.

5. Using outside vendors for graphic design, print work and other communications projects. 

6. Deep knowledge of Quaker meetings and Quaker faith and practice; member of the Religious Society of Friends preferred.


1. Excellent writing skills for print, web and social media and ability to do copy editing.

2. Ability to do basic graphic design/photo and video editing.

3. Strong project management skills with ability to meet regular deadlines.

4. Ability to work well with geographically dispersed staff and volunteers using video-conferencing, e-mail, chat, phone, and periodic in-person meetings.

5. Ability to talk/write about Quaker spirituality and practice in a way that is accessible to both newcomers and long-time Friends.

6. Very comfortable using Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint).


1. Ability to manage several complex projects.

2. Ability to work collaboratively with others, and to take directions from senior colleagues.

3. Have a commitment to anti-racism work and be able to integrate our anti-racism work into general communications.

4. Comfortable working with diverse personalities and populations.

5. Ability to participate in and support periodic evening and weekend meetings to accommodate the schedules of volunteers/committee members.

6. Ability to travel for the annual meeting of Central Committee, the week-long FGC Gathering, for occasional in-person meetings of the communications committee (CPSI) and for periodic full staff meetings of FGC.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Support FGC’s goal of becoming an actively anti-racist faith community by asking the following question in the course of decision-making - “How does this decision support FGC in its goal to transform into an actively anti-racist faith community?”
  2. Have a strong concern to make Quaker spirituality more accessible for spiritual seekers.
  3. Working closely with program staff and key volunteers, assist in the development of content for the website, including written materials, interviews, photographs, and possibly podcasts, video and/or blogs.
  4. Solicit, collect, write and post stories for our monthly eNewsletters "Vital Friends” and "Book Musings.”
  5. Work with other FGC departments/programs (Gathering, Ministry on Racism, Development, Spiritual Deepening, etc.) to promote these offerings to those we serve.
  6. Meet regularly with the Development/Fundraising team to coordinate overall messaging and strategy.
  7. Develop and execute an overall communications plan in service to our constituency.
  8. Draft copy for social media posts, program marketing emails (eblasts), FGC web pages, and print materials (including but not limited to flyers for Yearly Meeting session tables, FGC program foam boards for YM sessions).
  9. Act as a moderator on our social media sites as needed, preferably with a team of volunteer moderators.
  10. Develop graphic designs for social media postings, email marketing, web pages, and print materials as needed.
  11. Work with conference planning staff regarding tech needs for the Gathering, Central Committee, and Executive Committee.
  12. Process updates to the website no less than once every two weeks.
  13. Participate in FGC’s Tech Team; help coordinate software and hardware acquisitions.
  14. Act as primary support staffer for the Communications Policy, Strategy and Infrastructure Committee.
  15. Serve as a member of one of our anti-racism committees.
  16. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Supervisor: General Secretary (Executive Director)

Hours: Full-Time (35-hours/week—exempt)

Salary Range: $45,000-53,000 depending upon experience.

Job description approved June 12, 2021.

To apply:

Please e-mail your resume, cover letter, and three references to Susan Lee Barton with a subject line "Communications Manager Application."