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FGC Archives Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer Position

Do you love sorting through memos and minutes?

Do you enjoy organizing and digitalizing record-keeping systems?

We are looking for one or more volunteers to come prepare records to be sent to the archives. Tasks include:

     Taking our current paper log of archives contents and putting it in a digital format.

     Sorting through boxes of papers to find missing items for our archives.

     Culling out duplicates.

     Photocopying some items such as newspaper articles onto acid-free archival paper.

     Cataloguing every box being sent to the archives.

     Sorting and when possible identifying old photographs.

     Exploring the history of FGC!

Volunteers are needed in the Philadelphia office, although someone wanting to create a digital system for our record sheets (records of what we have sent to the archives and what is missing) could do so from anywhere. Want more information? Want to volunteer? Contact Susan Lee Barton (215-561-1700, ext. 3008).