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FGC Gathering Committee

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The Gathering Committee is responsible for planning the program of one annual Gathering and providing care for that Gathering when it meets. A new committee is constituted for each Gathering, starting in Spring of the previous year.

Who serves on the Committee?

The Gathering Committee is self selected and includes members of FGC’s Long Range Conference Planning Committee (LRCP) as well as members recruited from meetings located near the Gathering site. The 2019 Gathering is under the care of South Central Yearly Meeting.

Where is the 2019 Gathering?

The Gathering is at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa from June 30-July 6, 2019

Who are the clerks of the 2019 Gathering Committee? 

Jan Michael (Stillwater Friends Meeting, SCYM) and Liz Yeats (Friends Meeting of Austin, SCYM)

The 2019 Gathering Committee is a subcommittee of the Friends General Conference Long Range Conference Planning Committee.  The process of Gathering Clerk selection is that LRCP creates a naming committee which includes members of the hosting Yearly Meeting.  This committee brings forward to LRCP the co-clerk’s names for approval by LRCP. This year South Central Yearly Meeting was involved in the discernment and naming of the 2019 Gathering Co-clerks and brought forward the names of Jane Houser and Jan Michael which were approved by LRCP. In mid-July it became clear that Jane Houser would not be continuing as Co-clerk and after further discernment LRCP approved Liz Yeats in September, as the new Co-clerk for the 2019 Gathering.  LRCP and FGC thank Jane, Jan, Liz and other members of the committee for their willingness to serve on the 2019 Gathering Committee. We look forward to a meaningful FGC Gathering in Grinnell, Iowa June 30- July 6, 2019.

When will the 2019 Gathering Committee meet?

  • May 18-19, 2018, in Houston, TX
  • Committee members who are present at the 2018 Gathering will meet briefly toward the end of the Gathering
  • September 7-8, 2018, in Little Rock, AR
  • Subcommittee clerks will meet December 8, 2018
  • During the 2019 Gathering, the Gathering Committee meets daily June 29 (a day before the Gathering begins) through July 5

Responsibilities of Committee membership:

  • Attend meetings of the Gathering Committee (with occasional exceptions).
  • Serve on a subcommittee (including phone and email meetings).
  • Follow up on subcommittee and Gathering committee tasks, as agreed.

The Committee’s work during the Gathering: During the Gathering, the committee meets daily to hold the Gathering in the Light, to exercise care for the Gathering, and to address concerns that arise at the Gathering. Because members of the Gathering Committee are heavily involved in the functioning of the Gathering, some Friends may not be able to attend these daily meetings. A core group of Friends from each subcommittee should attend every day. These Friends should be able to speak to their committee‘s work. All Friends participating in these daily meetings should remember that these meetings are often confidential and should not be discussed outside of the Gathering Committee.

More Questions? Read the Gathering Committee FAQs!

How can I get involved?

The 2019 Gathering Committee is well underway it's work. There are many opportunities to volunteer when you register for the Gathering.

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