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Seeking facilitators for online eRetreats

The Spiritual Deepening eRetreat Program is seeking facilitators to coordinate and support the online eRetreats scheduled for 2018. 

The role of the facilitator is to support community building and engage with participants through the online discussion forum by asking questions and participating in discussions; to model openness, vulnerability, and curiosity; and to encourage the development of a spiritually grounded online learning environment.  The facilitator also communicates weekly announcements and offers technical support to participants. 


The eRetreat schedule for 2018:

January 21 - February 16: Beloved Community  (4 weeks) (ideally seeking a multiracial facilitation team of two)

March 4 - April 13: Silence & Light  (6 weeks)

May 6 - June 1: Becoming Patterns & Examples  (4 weeks)

September 9 - November 2: Silence & Light  (8 weeks)

October 14 - November 9: Understanding and Healing White Supremacy  (4 weeks) (ideally seeking a multiracial facilitation team of two)

The eRetreat facilitator will be responsible for coordinating and supporting one online eRetreat that will likely involve approximately 50 participants over the 4, 6, or 8-week session.  The eRetreat content has already been developed.  More information about the program and the different themes can be found here.  This opportunity offers a stipend.

Please refer to the full position description below.

FGC will be contracting with facilitators for all of the 2018 eRetreats and is also collecting the names of individuals who are interested in stepping into this role as the program grows.  To be considered for this role and/or to express interest in future eRetreat facilitation opportunities, please contact Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, [email protected] with a brief bio and indicate which eRetreat session(s) best fits your schedule and interests, by January 2, 2018.