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Welcoming Friend Project Assistant

Paid Position


This position is no longer accepting resumes. 


The Welcoming Friend Project is a part of the Spiritual Deepening program at FGC and is connected to the efforts of the Ministry on Racism program.  One goal of the Spiritual Deepening program is to help newcomers interested in Quaker faith and practice to gain a good foundation in our tradition quickly.  Obtaining a working understanding of Quaker faith and practice requires immersion in community. A further goal of this project is to create a climate in more meetings where People of Color are embraced as part of the worshiping community. Allied to this, work will also be done to help meetings be more welcoming to people of all ages, incomes, sexual orientations, and more.


The Welcoming Friend Project tests and evaluates practices for welcoming newcomers with the goal of sharing effective practices that will help introduce newcomers to the depth of Quaker faith and practice while bringing them into the life of the meeting. To achieve this, the Welcoming Friend Project will create a collection of resources, an online training module, and a workshop at the FGC Gathering in July 2019, all geared toward helping Friends in monthly and yearly meetings adopt welcoming practices. An additional goal of the project is to also create a community of practice and a volunteer leadership team that will carry the work after the initial project phases are over by maintaining and updating the resource collection while offering online trainings and Gathering workshops on an on-going basis. The program design and end products may shift as the work unfolds and we gain a better understanding of what is really needed to achieve our goals.


Summary of Duties:

The Welcoming Friend Project Assistant works closely with the Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator to plan and implement the first year of the Welcoming Friend Project.

Coordination of the Welcoming Friend Project in Fiscal Year 2018 and into Fiscal Year 2019 by helping to recruit project participants, coordinate their work through the project phases, and help establish a plan and volunteer team that can continue the work past the end of this limited term position.

This is a one-year, part-time, term-limited position.  The person who holds this position can work from anywhere in the U.S., or on-site at the FGC Office in Philadelphia.


Desired Qualifications:


  • High School diploma or equivalent


1.      Interacting with a diverse range of Quaker meetings and groups.

2.     Taking on positions of responsibility and care of the meeting in one or more monthly meetings.

3.     Explaining Quaker faith, practice, and heritage to newcomers.

4.     Organizing and leading workshops and training sessions.

5.     Editing manuscripts for publication.

6.     Working with Quaker committees.

7.      Motivating and supporting volunteers.


1.      Ability to listen deeply to both individuals and groups.

2.     Planning, organizational and project management skills.

3.     Organizing and facilitating workshops and conferences.

4.     Responding creatively to conflicts and strong feelings while remaining centered in the Spirit.

5.     Familiarity with Quaker decision-making processes.

6.     Motivating and supporting volunteers, empowering others.

7.      Strong written communications, including email, reports, and program materials.

8.     Strong verbal communications, including telephone, in person, and groups.

9.     Using the internet/social media to communicate and disseminate information.

10.  Competence with Microsoft Office products and online productivity tools.


1.      Active and seasoned participant in the Religious Society of Friends, and familiar with FGC’s constituents and unprogrammed Quaker culture.

2.     Understanding of outreach as a Spirit-grounded ministry.

3.     Committed to the life of the Spirit and able to share personal spiritual experiences easily with others.

4.     Available for limited periodic travel, including weekends.

5.     Able to work effectively and efficiently out of one’s own home (for a program assistant who lives outside of the Philadelphia area).

6.     Understands the importance of anti-racism efforts.  Has an openness to go deeper personally as well as to assist Quaker meetings concerning this issue.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Develop, coordinate, and manage the Welcoming Friend Pilot Project in collaboration with the Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator and the Welcoming Friend Working Group.

1.      Invite yearly meetings into partnership and collaboration.

  • Reach out to yearly meetings to invite their participation.
  • Explain and interpret the program to yearly meeting staff and leadership through the development of written resources and, if needed, conference calls.

2.     Support the Welcoming Friend Working Group by collaborating with the Clerk and Committee members to develop program materials and procedures.

  • Refine the goals of the project, develop program design and implementation strategy, and create training materials and resources in collaboration with the working group members.
  • Write, edit, and disseminate documents and resources that explain the Welcoming Friend Project to potential participants, including monthly meetings and individuals.
  • Design and develop evaluation tools for FGC and other stakeholders to evaluate the project’s content and delivery.

3.     Recruit monthly meetings and individuals to participate in the Welcoming Friend pilot, in collaboration with yearly meeting leadership.

  • Support participant yearly meetings in recruiting 3-4 monthly meetings of varying types to serve as pilot sites.
  • Support participant monthly meetings in naming 1-2 Welcoming Friends to participate in the project.

4.     Work with others who are skilled with online media campaigns for the outreach portion of the project.

  • Coordinate with monthly meetings and skilled Friends to facilitate targeted online marketing to raise awareness of local participating Quakers and to draw newcomers to meetings with trained Welcoming Friends.

5.     Plan and lead kickoff training for Welcoming Friend Peer Group.

  • Assist in the organization and delivery of the introductory workshop for participants.
  • Collaborate with Welcoming Friend Working Group on the development of training materials and activities.

6.     Coordinate ongoing support and collaboration for and with Welcoming Friend Peer Group.

  • Conduct monthly conference calls where participants share experiences, learnings, and support.
  • Document ideas, concerns, resources, and suggestions arising from these calls
  • Plan, develop, and offer an ongoing series of trainings
  • Manage a Welcoming Friend Peer Group Facebook group.
  • Communicate with Peer Group participants as needed

7.      Update and curate Welcoming Friend resources on FGC’s website.

  • Find and develop resources, materials, and processes to help meetings as a whole warmly and effectively engage newcomers, based on best practices and learnings from the project.

8.     Develop plan to continue the work of this project after this position ends, in collaboration with Welcoming Friend Working Group, yearly meetings, FGC staff and volunteers.

  • Refine Welcoming Friend program procedures, materials, and resources to prepare for proliferation across the U.S. and Canada.

9.     Other responsibilities:

  • Stay in close communication with staff in the FGC office and the work being carried out there.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.     


Job Title:            Welcoming Friend Project Assistant

Supervisor:        Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator

Location:            Anywhere In the U.S. with reliable Internet and Phone Access

Hours:                Part-time, approximately one-year, term-limited; 14 hours/week (2 days)

Salary:                $17-20 per hour with partial health benefits

Deadline:            Friday, February 8th, at 5:00pm Eastern time


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This position is no longer accepting resumes.