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Learn What Your Donations Do

Contributions to FGC support our programs and ministries for seekers, Friends, and meetings. Directly and indirectly, donations pay for all FGC programs except the Gathering (which supports itself primarily with registration fees). Even the Bookstore receives a signficant annual subsidy in the range of $60,000. The Annual Fund is the single largest source of contributions, and gifts from individuals make up the largest portion of the Annual Fund.

FGC appreciates your generosity of spirit when you choose to contribute. We show our gratitude by accepting your donations and ensuring the money is spent wisely. Any restricted contribution (such as a gift to the Gathering or the Bookstore) is used exclusively to support the designated program. Unrestricted gifts serve all programs through the Annual Fund.

For specific information about FGC's finance, programs, and impact, please peruse the Annual Report and Audit at the bottom of this page. We have also included audited financial statements, if you prefer a more detailed look into FGC's finances.

Our commitment to good stewardship and transparency includes answering your questions and providing you with information on how we manage our programs.

Why should I give to FGC?

FGC's mission is to strengthen the Religious Society of Friends and deepen Quaker spiritual practice. A gift to FGC allows us to provide a wide range of programs and services, including Quaker Quest, Traveling Ministries, Quaker Press publications, and more. This makes sense if:

  • the future of the Religious Society is important to you
  • you believe that Quakers have something to say to the world today
  • Quaker spiritual nurture and direction is something worth encouraging
  • or you simply think that the world needs more of what FGC is offering

FGC is an effective organization that provides meaningful service across a wide geographic area, including the United States and Canada. FGC is a careful steward of resources. We repay your trust with diligence, transparency, good work, and deep appreciation.

Where can I find FGC’s 990?

As a faith organization, FGC is not required to file a 990 with the IRS. In commitment to financial transparency and integrity, we make our audited financial statements and Annual Reports available (located at the bottom of this page).

How can I read FGC's most recent Audit?

Here is a pdf of the 2019 Audit, including a year end balance sheet..

What is FGC’s tax status?

FGC is registered with the IRS under section 501(c)(3) as a nonprofit religious charity.

Our tax ID number is 23-1352148.

Is a gift to FGC tax deductible?

Yes, donations to FGC are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes. FGC mails paper receipts for all gifts received through the mail or through electronic stock transfer. Online gifts receive an automatically generated email receipt, and online gifts greater than $5 will also receive a paper acknowledgment.

In what ways can donations be made to FGC?

There are many ways to give and you can explore them here.

Can I make a donation by check?

Yes. Our Send Us Your Donation page has instructions and a form that you can download to tell us about your gift.

I am interested in making a donation to FGC. Does it have to be unrestricted?

Unrestricted contributions are strongly encouraged, because they allow FGC to put the funds to use in areas of greatest need. Effective organizations need the flexibility to respond to emerging concerns and opportunities. However, FGC also accepts restricted contributions. Possible designations include:

  • the Gathering Fund, which provides scholarships for newcomers and others to attend the Gathering
  • the Bookstore, which is a ministry and requires subsidy from our general operating fund
  • the FGC Permanent Endowment, which provides steady support for FGC's programs over the long term. 

To tell us about gift intentions that include a restriction:

  • Donate Online and use the Comment field to place a restriction on the online gift
  • Phone in your donation and tell us about the restriction as we converse
  • Send in your donation and place the restriction in the memo area of the check

May I charge my donation to my credit card?

FGC accepts donations charged to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can use our online donation form (click the Donate button to access) to complete the donation yourself or you can phone us and we will complete the donation for you. (To protect your personal financial data, we can no longer accept credit card information through the mail.)

Can I make a donation to FGC on-line?

Yes! Donate here.

How can I get my gift matched?

Check with your employer to see whether your employer has a matching gift program. Then ask if that program includes religious service organizations.

Do you accept in-kind donations?

FGC accepts many in-kind donations. For example, volunteers donate at least $30,000 annually through their self-funded travel expenses to carry out FGC's ministries and governance. This is one example of an in-kind contribution. Donors have also contributed practical gifts such as postage stamps and phone reimbursements.  If you are interested in making an in-kind donation apart from self-funded volunteer travel, please contact us at [email protected]

I'd like to give regularly. Does FGC have a direct support donation program?

FGC does have an automatic giving program. Tell me more.

Is my personal information (name, address, amount of donation) kept private?

Yes. FGC will not share your information with any third parties. We may send you information about upcoming FGC programs that might interest you. Your gift information will be highly protected.

Does FGC publish names of donors?

No, FGC does not publish names of donors.  FGC is considering publishing (with permission) the names of people who committed to make a gift in their estate to FGC.

Is there a question that you'd like an answer to?  Email us at [email protected]