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Why Supporting QuakerBooks Matters Now

Photo: Marta Rusek

While some people consider reading a hobby, I don't. Reading is as necessary in my life as food, water, sleep, and sunshine. Reading feeds my mind and nourishes my spirit. Page by page I uncover new ways of seeing the world and myself.

QuakerBooks is my go to for books that inspire, open my mind to wonder, and broaden my perspective. QuakerBooks helps to deepen my faith, enrich my meeting, and bring Friends together in stimulating conversations.

QuakerBooks is an important FGC Ministry of the Word. It doesn't turn a profit. As a former manager of QuakerBooks, I know that sales revenue covers only half of QuakerBooks expenses. QuakerBooks needs donor support to sustain its mission to Friends and meetings.

I’m hoping you’ll consider making a gift to QuakerBooks today as a way of affirming its role in nurturing the spiritual development of Friends. As a special incentive, generous Friends have created a donor challenge that will triple the amount of your gift up to the challenge goal of $1000 in total donations. Please give, your support matters.