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This article was published in the Independent Florida Alligator on August 17, 2020 (The link is below.)

Gainesville civil rights activist shares her perspective on activism today

Jean Chalmers wouldn’t say her age.

“It’s intrusive, and it serves no purpose,” she said.

She doesn’t want her words to be disregarded or their importance diminished, and labeling women with their age does just that, she said.


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In today's Opinion Section of the New York Times was an interesting piece about Quakers and the use of pronouns.  The only thing the writer really got wrong was the mistaken idea that modern Friends no longer use "thee" and "thou".  But, nevertheless, interesting.


What would right relationship among Native and non-Native peoples of North America look like? How can we begin to take steps in that direction in our communities, places of worship, schools, and other institutions?

The Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples (TRR) program promotes education, reflection, dialogue, and action in response to these queries.