Quaker Voluntary Service: Year 2 begins in Philadelphia

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QVS here with some updates. Now that we've been here for almost 2 months we though we might send out an update on how we are all settling in. The house is cozy and caring it feels so good to come home to communal meals, comfy couches and invigorating conversation. We would love to have more sturdy microwave and dishwasher safe Tupperware if anyone has some that they don't want.

Mowie is working directly with one of the attorneys at Nationalities Service Center and spending her weeks meeting with clients to work on different citizenship applications. She is learning a lot about immigration law and the challenges of an imperfect legal system. Her has met people from so many different places and heard their stories and hopes for life in the US-- something which is often deeply moving, informative and impactful. 

Sonali is working with FGC Ministries on Racism and just went to her first FGC Central Committee meeting, where she met Quakers from all over the country. She have been very grateful for the chance to explore the city more going on spontaneous walks and adventures with housemates and friends.

Abby is keeping busy in the community involvement office at Germantown Friends School. She is also coordinating classroom and recess volunteers for the nearby Kelly Elementary School. 

Christine values the time she spends at a community center in south Philly called Southeast by Southeast.She is enjoying playing bingo with Bhutanese grandparents, hanging out and homework-ing after school with kids, and assisting with a women's group. What she enjoys most lately is the relationships and friendships that have grown out of her time at the community center. She is learning so much about people's experiences as refugees.

Thomas is working at the Energy Coordinating Agency, where he is already wearing three hats, maintaining a juggling act for each. When not writing grants or presenting public workshops on energy efficiency, Thomas has been enjoying cooking in woks, one on one talks, and exploring/discovering where and when and how he fits into Philadelphia. 

Carol Anne is enjoying the QVS experience immensely, and find the variety of program components to be enriching. Her work at Bread & Roses Community Fund has been very rewarding, and is providing her with the opportunity to learn more about local activist movements. You can follow her organization on Twitter @breadrosesfund Carol Anne had a great time last weekend at the Young Adult Friends retreat!

Kate is doing well, subbing, lunch monitoring, and working in the office at DePaul Catholic. Enjoying the chance to discern what kind of work I like as well as live in community with a wonderful group of people. 

Alma is continuing to figure out the lay of the land at work where ze is organizing with Participants at Phila. FIGHT's Institute for Community Justice and facilitating their creative writing class among other things. Alma has also been conducting some creative experiments which you can enjoy at almasengine.com.  

So many Verbs! We sure are doing a lot. Thank you all again for your support.

QVS Philly