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Birmingham (AL) Friends Meeting

Who we are:

The Birmingham Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is an unprogrammed, non-pastoral Quaker Meeting.

Our Quaker umbrella organizations are The Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association (SAYMA) and the Friends General Conference (FGC).

We are located at 4413 5th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222, two blocks east of Avondale Park. We meet in a white two story house that is the last house on the right before 5th Avenue runs into Crestwood Blvd. Parking is in the back of the house or on 6th Avenue behind the meeting house.

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Meeting Times

Silent Hour/Quaker Worship   10am Sunday

Forum 11:15am Sunday

What's New

Event Date: 
05/28/2022 - 9:00am

Next in-reach-outreseach meeting will be held Saturday May 28th at 9 am at the Quaker House.

Zoom link will also be emailed too.

Event Date: 
06/18/2022 - 8:00am

Poor People’s Campaign

Trip to Washington D.C.

June 18th, 2022

Event Date: 
06/11/2022 - 12:30pm


Saturday June 11, 12:30 


Quaker Meeting House

4413 5th Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35222

Event Date: 
06/01/2022 - 5:00pm

Ministry and Nurture, June 1, 5 p.m.  

Quaker Meeting House 5th Avenue

Zoom Link will be emailed.

  • Jane Hiles: Clerk.
  • Lori: Clerk of Ministry and Nurture.
  • Tim: House and Grounds, with Daryl and Phillip on the committee.
  • Pam: Adult Education, with Lori and Nancy on the committee.
  • Darcy: Outreach/Inreach with Nancy, Lori, Pam, Beverly and Sara on the committee.
  • Emily: Peace and Justice.
  • Nancy: Recording Clerk.
  • Connie: Treasurer
  • Daryl: SAYMA rep. to Ministry and Nurture Committee.

BFM Positions of Responsibility 2022


You are welcome here!

Birmingham Friends Meeting
4413 5th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222
United States
Meeting Times: 

Silent Hour/Quaker Worship   10am Sunday

Forum 11:15am Sunday

BFM Queries- Testimonies

Proposed Quaker Queries

Birmingham Friends Meeting recently conducted a workshop on Queries. This list of proposed queries from individual Friends has been combined into one large document.  Each person’s contributions are presented more or less as they were written, but a few edits were made here and there for brevity and clarity.


  1. What inward principles and values assist you with the practice of Simplicity?
  2. How frequently do we examine our lifestyles in search of ways to simplify?


  1. How do we maintain both Peace and Integrity when engaged in dialogue with others who do not share our values or points of view?
  2. What ways do we work as a Meeting, a community of seekers, and individuals to maintain peace in our daily lives?


  1. Do you strive to be open and honest in all your dealings?
  2. What issues and inward convictions tend to drive us apart? In what fashion can we work together in ways that unify, not separate us?


  1. Individually, what is one specific task we all can do to make the Meeting more welcoming to visitors?
  2. How do we ensure that we as Friends are committed to a non-hierarchical, consensus method to resolve pertinent concerns? Why is it so easy for leaders to spring up despite our best intentions?


  1. When does keeping the peace take precedent over risking confrontation?
  2.  Do we seek change in ways that are both peaceful and persuasive?


  1. How do we best address and reverse the vast amount of damage that humankind has done to the environment?
  2. What can you do, no matter how small, to assist animal and marine life on the planet?