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Memorial Fund Grants

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As recommended by  the ad hoc committee on memorial grants, CVFM is making $2000 grants to two local organizations working to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


  1. The work of the The Northfield Antiracist Action Coalition “consists of large group meetings and smaller workgroups that meet in between the larger gatherings. The group’s ambitious plan is to review all areas in our city, including housing, our public schools, religious institutions,  life, the Latinx community, and workplaces, businesses and employment."   The grant will support 3 or 4 large meetings with speakers, interpreters, and modest financial support for low-income families when they participate in meetings.   The committee appreciated the fact that the project aims explicitly to bring Spanish-speaking and other low-income people together to investigate and advocate for progress in several areas.


  1. Say Their Names Northfield is a loosely organized group that has already organized 24 "interventions" in downtown Northfield; many involved chalking on sidewalks.  Chalking has now been discovered to be unlawful by city ordinance, so other activities are planned.  The group intends to "continue our interventions using other mediums such as performance art, speaking, reading, walking meditations, and placards in order to celebrate Black lives and the contributions of Black people to our country.   The grant will  support continued "interventions" in downtown Northfield through September 2021.  The group will invite speakers and/or musicians from within and beyond the community. Grant funds will  support stipends for guest speakers or musicians, videographers, and video editors, and cover tuition for five core organizers to complete Resmaa Menakem’s online training on racialized trauma.  The committee liked the timely nature of the project and the fact that grant funds will support efforts that would continue beyond the grant-funding period itself.