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Peace Camp 2019 Day 3: Social Justice

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Each morning Emily Walser-Kuntz helped the early-birds create a collage inspired by that day's topic.

Using these simple pictures Corinne Smith introduced the differences between Equal, Equality, and Justice. She read a book about how children marched in the south during the Civil Rights Movement because their parents could not. And then we learned how racism and discrimination is still an issue.
The project for the day was to decorate and fill twelve backpacks that will be given to immigrant children who are just arriving in this country heading to new homes. 
Sam's mediation centered around mindfulness. We each peeled, smelled, tasted, ate and appreciated a mandarin orange...eating it mindfully. 
After making the storyboard for the day, campers walked to Central Park where they saw how the tree they planted last year is growing. They sang with Cindy before having a picnic lunch and enjoying the playground.