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Interview with .O about FCNL and her involvement

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Interview with .O about FCNL and her involvement

What drew you to FCNL?

When I came back t0 Central Philadelphia, I was grateful to see a change in the meeting.  Friends were really trying to be true to God’s love and calling.   I joined Peace and Social Concerns, and Pamela Haines suggested that I attend  the FCNL Annual Conference.  Pamela wanted me to go, and the Committee agreed with her.  Attending that conference was a really powerful and opening experience for me.

I realize now that It was my spiritual commitment, my heart and soul drew me there.  

FCNL is a political action grounded in Quakerism. So it’s rooted in God’s body and it’s political.


What actions have you taken as a result of your involvement?

I visited Senator Toomey’s three times.  And it was an FCNL intern who made the arrangements and recruited people to go.  We met with Toomey about:

1.    Green jobs

2.    Climate change

3.    Criminal reform:  Justice, mercy and monetary reform


What else about FCNL?

FCNL’s old slogan was:  “There is no way to peace;  peace is the way.”

                          And  another, more recent one, is “War is not the answer”

The new slogan  is; “ Love thy neighbor.  No exceptions.”

I was very happy and pleased to see the new motto, which reinforced the belief that

“any exchange, null and void of love, is an act of violence”   Therefore, with the new slogan, we can see the impact in our everyday and global relationships. When we block or interrupt the flow of giving or receiving love, it creates the fertile ground for violence,


What would you recommend for CPMM members to learn about the work of FCNL?

There is a wonderful website: where you can learn more and sign up for Action Alerts of interest to you; there are many suggestions for how you can take action.

If you find an issue that touches your heart, contact your congressperson to set up a visit, and then go have a heart to heart conversation.


Any parting words?

The call to love is a response to the existential crisis we find ourselves in. We are now being invited to be channels of love, rather than channels of fear.  Earth is our playground to practice the art of engaging the transformational power of love that can lead us in the direction of healing, health and wholeness.


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