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Meeting for Worship continues every week

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We continue to have worship on Sundays at 11:00 AM Eastern Time in blended Meeting for Worship, with some people in the meeting room and others on Zoom.

For those choosing to gather in person, masks are recommended but not required. Those choosing Zoom are invited to settle into a quiet space. Contact the meeting secretary for Zoom meeting information.

Following worship, we introduce visitors, briefly share joys and sorrows, and have announcements pertaining to the life of the meeting. Friends in the meeting room have fellowship in person while those on Zoom have the opportunity to join small breakout groups for fellowship.


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Participation on this board is to be carried out in the spirit of Friends.  This is a place to respectfully ask difficult questions, share experiences, feelings and perspectives around these issues, as well as to listen deeply to others and Spirit.  Please be constructive and mutually respectful even in the midst of differing perspectives.  The moderator retains the right to delete inappropriate comments.

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