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Rare Finds in the Llibrary

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Prayers of the Cosmos, Neil Douglas-Klotz’s book from 1990, invites the reader to get to know Jesus a little better.


The author provides several possible translations for the Aramaic words Jesus used. He focuses primarily on the Lord’s Prayer and the beatitudes.

“Healthy are those who have softened what is rigid within” is offered as a translation for the words that were rendered “Blessed are the meek” in the King James bible. It is presented alongside other equally valid translations such as “Healed are those who have wept inwardly with the pain of repressed desire.”

The translations are accompanied by commentary and by suggested body prayers. A portion of his commentary for the last beatitude follows. It may give you a sense of the body of his work and his approach.

“The roots of the following word, rwazw, convey images of inner movement of becoming extremely thin, of drinking or drenching, of a ray of anything or of the breath. According to D’Olivet the root rz connotes an inner process of allowing the ego to become ‘thin,’ a secret of the desert mystics.”

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