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Essential Reading for Newcomers

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The Book List

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice: A survey of new members found this to be the most useful single reference by far.

Copies are available in the meeting library and for sale at the literature table in the Cherry Street Room during our social hour or from the meeting office.

Read it online for free.

Other Resources

Friends Journal

This Quaker monthly magazine is available by subscription by calling 215-241-7277 or visiting the Friends Journal website.

Pendle Hill Bookstore

Pendle Hill, a Quaker study center, has been publishing books and pamphlets since 1934. Some of these pamphlets have become classics, and taken together they cover a wide range of Friends topics and concerns. Check out Pendle Hill's Bookstore, and especially Pendle Hill Pamphlets. 

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Library

The PYM Library has a large selection, or contact the Pendle Hill Bookstore or Friends General Conference Bookstore (see below).

How to Get Books

Buy Them

Friends General Conference Bookstore


Pendle Hill Bookstore


Call or write for catalogs or to place an order, or visit. Call ahead for store hours.