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Quakerism 101 - Quaker Discernment, Decision Making, and the Meeting for Business

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Session 8 : Quaker Discernment, Decision Making, and the Meeting for Business


Our second session will explore the Quaker understanding of spiritual discernment and the Quaker processes for making decisions, including the meeting for worship with attention to business and the life of the meeting.

Date: October 24, 1:00-3:00 pm

Zoom: The Zoom link is the same as the link for meeting for worship. The worship meeting will simply be extended.

Facilitators: Barry Scott and Jennifer Walker

Suggested Reading


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Meeting for Business in Worship

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For Presiding Clerks
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For Recording clerks
  • Before Business Begins: Notes for Recording Clerks, Will Watson; NEYM; $5.
  • Unforeseen Joy: Serving a Friends Meeting as Recording Clerk, Dajoh D. Hickey; North Carolina YM.