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Quakerism 101 - Quaker History

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Session 1: Quaker History


Our first session will outline the history of the Quaker movement from its beginnings in the 1650s to the present, as a context for the following sessions.

Date: September 27, 1:00-3:00 pm


Facilitators: Greg Barnes & Steven Davison

History—Suggested Reading

Books (read 1, if possible; * denotes main recommendation)

Portrait in Grey, John Punshon *

Friends for 350 Years, Howard Brinton

Shorter pieces (See the links below to download)

A Brief History of Quakerism

The Experience of Early Friends—another short history

A Quaker Chronology—fairly comprehensive timeline of Q history

Notable Quakers—short biographies of notable Quakers

Early Friends Quotations

PYM Faith & Practice—History Section