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Regional Meeting - 9/1992

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Regional Meeting – 9/1992

Clerk shared a letter resulting from the Regional Meeting held June 28th, 1992 at Summit concerning two recommendations:

1. The regional meeting should convert to a half-yearly meeting, which will conduct formal business meetings twice a year, but will sponsor other gatherings twice a year, for a total of four regional meeting gatherings a year. A name change is not required.

2. The regional meeting should establish one First day as a regional meeting event day, tentatively the fourth First day of each month. Monthly meetings should avoid scheduling major events on this day. Activities for this day will include regional meeting, and also committee meetings, gatherings of interest groups from all monthly meetings, and scheduled visitation days between meetings within the region.

There was discussion of how the fourth First day visiting plan could help each meeting get more participants in their programs which could be planned for those days, and how the plan could facilitate Friends meeting a wider variety of Friends from other meetings, and, alternately, how these fourth First day plans could inhibit Summit activities by limiting available times for committees to meet.

Friends expressed support for trying this revised approach to Regional Meeting. 10/92 all 5 meetings in the region reported to have approved.