Puzzling phone problems at meetinghouse

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Have you tried unsuccessfully to call the meetinghouse?

Since the move to the new building, several people have gotten in touch by other means to say that when they tried calling the Meeting's phone number (215-247-3553), they have heard a recording saying that their call "cannot be completed as dialed." Some people can get through by cell phone who are unable to complete the call from their home land line. Still others are able to call either way without any problem.

Obviously we need as much information as possible to tell the telephone company when we call about a service problem. So if you have had the experience of calling the meetinghouse number and hearing that your call cannot be completed as dialed, would you please try by cell phone, and then send an email to [email protected] in which you report the following:

  • the date and time of your attempted call
  • the number you were calling from
  • whether that number is for a land line or a mobile phone¬†
  • your ZIP code (so we can see if it's somehow limited to a geographical area)

Thanks for your help.