2021 - 10 (October)Meeting for Business Documents

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Meeting for Worship for Business

October 17, 2021 - 12:30 pm via Zoom

Agenda - See below for documents for meeting

  1. Opening Worship and Reading of Query for the Tenth Month
  2. Clerk’s Report
  3. Treasurer's Quarterly Report
  4. Outreach Annual Report
  5. PIHN Annual Report
  6. Property and House Annual Report
  7. Skyspace Committee: An Interim  Report (Read at your convenience.)
  8. Minutes for Approval: September 
  9. Annnouncements
    1. Annual Reports due in November
      1. Landscape
      2. Nominating
      3. Refugee Support Group
    2. Release date for December 19 is tomorrow
  10.  Closing Worship

  Query for the Tenth Month

Stewardship of the Environment

  • Is the Meeting concerned that human interaction with nature be responsible, guided by a reverence for life, and a sense of the splendor of God’s continuing creation?
  • Are the decisions of the Meeting and its committees relating to the uses of property, goods, services, and energy made with sensitivity toward the environmental impact of those choices?
  • How does our Meeting learn about environmental concerns and then act in the community on its concerns?
  • How am I helping to develop a social, economic, and political system which will nurture an environment which sustains and enriches life for all?
  • Am I aware of the place of water, air, and soil in my life? Do I consider with care the necessity of purchasing substances hazardous to the environment? Do I act as a faithful steward of the environment in the use and disposal of such hazardous substances?
  • Do I choose with care the use of technology and devices that truly simplify and add quality to my life without adding an undue burden to essential resources?