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Meetinghouse Repairs Update

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Repairs on the meetinghouse have been on-going, and it is looking great. Carolyn Dalton writes, "The flooring has been laid. We are looking forward to installing a new kitchen area and fixing the cracked plaster that resulted from settling due to the bad floor supports." 

Also, the meeting’s minute of thanks was featured in the PYM newsletter

"The members and attenders of Millville Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends extend gratitude to the Quaker Buildings and Programs Granting Group of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting for consideration of our request for grant funds to repair our meetinghouse, a landmark in town.  The generous grant award of $10,000 will be used to offset the costs of restoring damaged areas of the 175-year-old meetinghouse.  We have replaced the sagging hand hewn beams under the meetinghouse, repaired and replaced damaged flooring and upgraded our small kitchen space in the community room.  As a small but thriving community of Friends we are so very grateful for the generosity of the Fund’s benefactors and our Yearly Meeting in this endeavor."