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Multnomah Meeting Committees and Positions

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Multnomah Monthly Meeting has an array of positions and committees responsible for almost every aspect of how our Meeting functions. These committees depend on members of the community to volunteer to help the Meeting by serving on these committees in areas that call to them and benefit from their particular strengths. Our Nominating Committee is responsible for seeking out these  people and helping to connect them to where their gifts can be put to best use. If you have an interest in a specific committee or role, we encourage you to contact anyone on Nominating to discuss what part you might feel drawn to in support of our community.

Curious what these committees' responsibilities are? See below to read the current job descriptions for Multnomah Monthly Meeting's committees. You will also find a current list of who's on all these committees, including the Nominating Committee, in case you want to get in touch and find out more!