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Middle School Coordinator Job STILL Open

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Northern Yearly Meeting is searching for someone with a leading to be our Middle School Coordinator. This is a paid position.

The Coordinator will:

a)      Lead programming for middle school youth in NYM. In normal years, this consisted of two in-person retreats as well as leading the middle school program at Annual Session. During the past year, this has pivoted to virtual programming. Flexibility will be critical as we determine how we can move ahead going forward.

b)      Help middle schoolers find/participate in new experiences related to spiritual development, service, and leadership, and

c)      Be sensitive and intentional in recognizing the need for some issues to be referred to pastoral or professional care.  

A detailed job description giving qualifications and responsibilities is attached. 

The Coordinator is a contracted position and receives a monthly stipend. Expenses for approved travel and supplies are reimbursed in addition to the stipend. The current stipend is $215/month and is based on a projected average of 12.5/hours/month. When we return to in-person programming we anticipate hours will increase to an average of 20/month but those hours will be more concentrated around the time of the retreats. The stipend at that point will in the range of $360/month.

NYM is committed to non-discrimination against protected classes in our hiring process and employment practices. We welcome applications from Black, Indigenous and People of Color as well as from individuals who identify as LBGTQI+ or identify in other ways as a member of an historically marginalized group.

Please see the the complete announcement and job description below and share this announcement within your Monthly Meeting/Worship Group!