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Advices and queries have been important to the Religious Society of Friends since the beginning of Friends in the 17th century. Though they have been changed since that time they still are an important part of a statement of who we are. New York Yearly Meeting, by directing us to question our understanding of how we express ourselves verbally or in our actions, prepares us to hold our spiritual beliefs in the Light through statements in our Advices and Queries.

Advices and Queries provide counsel and guidance on spiritual formation of one’s life by directing the attention of Friends to specific aspects of beliefs and behaviors. They invite open, vulnerable, personal consideration of one’s understanding of one’s own self. Advices and Queries are intended as a challenge and as an inspiration to us, as Friends, in our personal lives and in our life as a religious community. They encourage meditation to ascertain if the truths are our truths with the hope we may be more faithful and find deeper joy in God’s service.

Orchard Park Monthly Meeting has accepted the process of reading the Advices and Queries once a month.