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Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting July 17, 2022 1:00pm Meeting for Worship for Business -- This will be a business meeting only with no program. We expect to finish no later than 2:30.

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting:

Join us for Meeting for Worship for Business

July 17, 2022 1:00pm

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This will be a business meeting on zoom only. There will not be a program or presentation. We will start at 1:00pm and expect to finish no later than 2:30. We may finish earlier, depending upon how the Spirit leads us. There are three items on the agenda.

Agenda Items Information

Germantown Monthly Meeting Minute on Climate Change

Germantown Meeting in May approved a minute advocating for use of the term "impending climate catastrophe" in place of the term "climate change" in Friends' communications. Germantown Meeting would like PQM to consider a draft minute which we would send to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, asking PYM also to take up use of the term "impending climate catastrophe."
The draft minute is available at this link.

PYM Policy on Advocacy

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Administrative Council approved a new policy in May 2022 about advocacy. The Yearly Meeting posted an explanation and discussion of this policy on its website and offered an information session on June 1. 

At the July 17 session of PQM, we will take up the suggestion to hold a program for PQM Friends in September to help us understand this policy better and understand how it does and does not affect what we do.  We anticipate inviting a member of the Administrative Council or a PYM staff member to present at this proposed program. Some Friends think this will be a topic of discussion at the upcoming PYM Annual Session. The agenda for business meetings is not published yet, but regardless, the September timeframe for an information session will allow us to incorporate any new insights Friends gain at annual session. 
The Advocacy Policy and video from June 1 available at this link.


Bringing forward a nominee, for service as PQM Treasurer.


Join us as we consider Climate change, Advocacy, and a new Treasurer.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022 - 1:00pm
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