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PQM is Hiring!

Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting is seeking a new Coordinator

Application process at close of the job description

Summary: The Coordinator supports Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (PQM) in carrying out programs, communicating about PQM, and maintaining the organization’s administration. The Coordinator works primarily with the clerk and members of PQM. This is PQM’s sole paid staff position and is supervised by the PQM Clerk.

Employing organization: Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting is a representative body of local Quaker monthly meetings within the City of Philadelphia. Its mission is to serve the constituent meetings by holding periodic Meetings for Business, supporting events and ministries, discerning and fostering issues of common interest, and facilitating intercommunication.

Coordination – The Coordinator plans their work in collaboration and with and under the direction of the PQM Clerk. The work of this position relates to PQM programs, communications, administration, and finances.

Programs – PQM carries out programs that support constituent meetings and their individual members. While these programs serve a variety of purposes, the underlying current for all PQM programs is to help PQM Friends be faithful to the Spirit’s calling. The Coordinator encourages participation, enhances accessibility in the broad meaning of that term, and helps ensure responsible administration of programs.

The Coordinator accomplishes this through supporting PQM members with arranging, implementing, and doing post-program follow up for programs including meetings, workshops, and special events. The Coordinator often attends the programs in order to support implementation, including technical set-up. In some instances, the Coordinator may set up the structure for the program and turn over implementation to a member of PQM. PQM programs may occur face-to-face, on video or telephone conferencing, or using a combination of platforms.

Communications – PQM includes local meetings that are in regular communication with each other to a varying degree. Some meetings are close with each other geographically and programmatically. Others are more isolated. The Coordinator facilitates communication between PQM and local meetings, and among local meetings by carrying out a structured communication plan that includes regularly scheduled components such as newsletters, program announcements, and other timely communication methods. The Coordinator populates and maintains the PQM website. The Coordinator creates communication pieces that inform the reader in an inviting, graphically-pleasing way. The Coordinator responds to inquiries about PQM and the Religious Society of Friends more broadly – sometimes directly and sometimes by connecting with other appropriate information sources.

Administration – PQM is led by a group of unpaid officers who bear administrative and fiduciary responsibility for the organization. The Coordinator supports the officers in
maintaining an efficient, accountable organization. The Coordinator accomplishes this by tracking certain functions, maintaining a system of on-line records, and conducting a wide
variety of administrative tasks, including handling information that may be sensitive in nature, depositing checks, processing payments, tracking financial data, tracking donations, issuing acknowledgments for financial contributions, and ensuring that structures are in place such as maintaining subscriptions.

The coordinator has major responsibility for PQM’s system of meeting minutes, including collecting, organizing, archiving, and making available to PQM members a complete record of minutes for the time period the coordinator is employed. It may include taking remedial actions to ensure PQM has a complete record of minutes extending into the past, before the coordinator’s term of employment. PQM has a long and distinguished history, and documents and other records should be kept in a format and system appropriate for archiving.

1. Education – At least two years of college and three years of experience in some type of office work.
2. Familiarity with Quaker processes and practices.
3. Communications:

  • a. Communicates effectively with a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • b. Communicates clearly and concisely in written and oral communication formats.
  • c. Uses communication techniques and styles appropriate to various audiences and
  • situations.

4. Management of projects and processes:

  • a. Effective and well organized in managing time, prioritizing tasks, and handling multiple tasks.
  • b. Ability to work cooperatively with diverse stakeholders, including members of PQM,and members and staff of other Quaker organizations including Philadelphia Yearly  Meeting.
  • c. Flexibility in accepting and performing varied work assignments with the ability toadjust the focus of the work as the needs of PQM evolve. The Coordinatorreports to the PQM Clerk on a regular basis (that position rotates periodically,and so the Coordinator’s supervisor may change more frequently than with mostjobs).
  • d. Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, pdfs and creating simple newsletters, MailChimp, graphic art and photography programs, and uploading content ontoa website
  • e. Knowledge of the following tools, or ability to learn them quickly: website content management systems such as WordPress, and collaboration tools including Google Suite and Zoom.
  • f. Website management including hosting services, domains, and behind the scenes structures.

5. Working independently and in consultation:

  • a. Able to plan and carry out recurring work assignments independently.
  • b. Exercises sound judgment about when to take initiative and when to consult with the supervisor.
  • c. Works comfortably in collaboration with volunteers both on programs and administrative tasks.

This position reports directly to the Clerk of PQM. The Clerk may delegate supervisory responsibilities to another officer of PQM but retains responsibility for ensuring good
management of staffing and employee relations.

This position will average 10 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. The nature of the work means that some weeks will require more hours than average and other weeks will include fewer hours. There is a possibility of additional hours for special projects, if mutually agreed upon in advance and contingent upon available funding. Pay checks are issued monthly.

This position pays $24.00 per hour for an annual total of $12,000, with increases offered based on performance. The position does not provide paid vacation, sick time, nor any additional benefits.

The coordinator will work from home or a location of their choice. PQM does not provide office space or funding for an office rental. The work can be conducted in any location with sufficient telecommunications connection and an address where mail can be received via USPS, FedEx and UPS.

Applicants may apply by letter addressing the 14 points (1-5) listed under Qualifications above. In addition, each applicant should supply a resumé listing relevant personal and professional experience information. Also, each applicant should provide two references from non-relatives in the form of letters attesting to character, skills and background.
Applications should be send online to: by November 15, 2023.

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 3:15pm
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