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Adult Education Committee

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The Adult Education Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide monthly programs about subjects of special interest to Quakers and also occasional programs of more general interest. Most of these presentations are offered on First Sundays, with occasional daylong or half-day programs scheduled for Saturdays. The committee’s work includes:

  • Presenting varied and spiritually relevant programs that expand our community’s depth of worship and understanding of Quaker principles and process
  • Making use, first of all, of the rich resources of our Meeting’s members and attenders who have special knowledge or spiritual experience to share with the community (for example: a program of Quaker Poetry by a member who has recently published a book; two programs on British and American Quaker Meetinghouses by a member who is an architect; a program on Religious Poetry from many religious traditions, presented by an attender who is a poet and teacher)
  • Bringing in Quaker speakers from other meetings who have expertise in areas that can enrich our community and expand its spiritual reach
  • Cooperating with other Meeting committees to bring their work to the attention of the community (for example, joining with the Communications Committee to introduce the Meeting’s new and expanded website)
  • Encouraging our members and attenders to offer us their ideas for programs 

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