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Worship & Ministry Committee

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Overall, the committee engages in discernment about the corporate life of the Santa Monica Quaker community. This committee nurtures ways to promote the spiritual health of the community, with particular attention to deepening the spiritual power of the Meeting for Worship. The committee encourages committee work, education and social action to be reflections about our worship together, where we use Quaker process, open to listening for Divine Guidance.

  • The committee encourages Friends to become aware of the power of a gathered Meeting for Worship, where the presence of the Divine Spirit is real, in what Howard Brinton named as a Quaker form of group mysticism.
  • The committee prays for a deepening of the worship silence so that Friends can become vessels of the Spirit.  
  • This committee oversees the preparation of the annual State of the Meeting report and presents it to the Meeting community. 
  • We nurture the Meeting for Worship upon the occasion of Business by attending and being prayerfully open, waiting on the Spirit together.   
  • We work supportively with the Clerk of the Meeting to develop his or her skills of discernment in order to live in a beloved community.  
  • We oversee the functioning of committees and pay attention to how committees engage in a Quaker process of decision making.  

October 29, 2017, Clerking Workshop Materials