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Upcoming Caln Quarterly Meetings and locations

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Caln Quarterly Meeting Times

There are four meetings per year.
The Spring Quarterly Meeting is at Camp Swatara on Saturday Morning. It takes place the First Saturday in May at Camp Swatara except those years when 1st Saturday falls on Mother’s Day weekend then it is the last Saturday in April for those years.
The Summer Meeting is on the third Sunday in August at Old Caln Meeting House (location is Caln Meetinghouse Rd & Kings Hwy; Coatesville, PA 19320).
The Fall (the third Sunday of October) and Winter (the third Sunday in February) Quarterly Meetings rotate around the meetings of the Quarter.

Future locations for Winter & Fall Caln Quarterly Meetings

Fall 2015 Harrisburg
Winter 2016 Exeter
Fall 2016 Bradford
Winter 2017 Uwchlan
Fall 2017 Sadsbury
Winter 2018 Lancaster
Fall 2018 Chambersburg
Winter 2019 Reading
Fall 2019 Schuylkill
Winter 2020 Harrisburg
Fall 2020 Exeter
Winter 2021 Uwchlan
Fall 2021 Bradford
Winter 2022 Lancaster
Fall 2024 Sadsbury
Note: In theory, Winter Meetings rotate through our 4 Meetings in larger cities (more 
likely to have snow-plowed access): Reading-Uwchlan-Harrisburg-Lancaster. Fall 
Meetings rotate through the other 5 Meetings: Sadsbury-Chambersburg-Schuylkill-
This has not always been the case:
Bradford Fall 2016 (F’05, F’10)
Chambersburg Fall 2018 (F’02, F’08, F’12)
Exeter Fall 2015, Fall 2020 (F’01, F’06, F’09)
Harrisburg Winter 2020 (W’04, W’08, W’13 W'17)
Lancaster Fall 2014, Winter 2018 (W’05, W’10)
Reading Winter 2019 (W01, W’06, W’15)
Sadsbury Fall 2017 (F’03, F’07, F’11)
Schuylkill Fall 2019 (F’04, W’09, F'13)
Uwchlan Winter 2017 (W’02, W’07, W'12)

Caln Meetinghouse Rd & Kings Hwy; Coatesville, PA 19320