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June Query

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It is the custom of LFFM to offer Queries during Meeting for Worship on the First Day of each month.

The Queries are a profile of the Quaker way of life and a reminder of the ideals Friends seek to attain.  Concerned with action, not with theological belief, the queries have long served as a unique form of self-discipline.  In the late 1600s the Queries of London Yearly Meeting asked simply, How does the Truth, the Light, prosper among you? 

Similar queries are relevant in 2022, as we all are pummeled and disoriented by the clang and clatter of chaos locally, nationally, and throughout the world.

May we consider the following:

How do I nurture peacefulness in my heart?

How does love and empathy prosper within me and thee?

How do I and thou brighten the Light within each of us?

And to restate the query from the 1600s:

How do Truth and Light prosper among us?