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FAQ's about attending a Quaker Meeting for the first time.

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Q: What should I wear?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable in. Friends generally dress casually for Meeting. 

Q: Is there child care?

A: Yes, bring your kids! We have arts and crafts and religious education on Quaker life.

Q: Is your Meeting House wheelchair accessable?

A: Yes, although the outside paving is sort of tricky. Park at the Handicapped spot near the back of the Meeting House for best access. 

Q: How long is your Quaker Meeting?

A: We sit in worship for an hour, then we have sharing, announcements, and coffee and cookies. Plan on an hour and a half if you like cookies. 

Q: What is your "2nd Hour" meeting?

A. Generally a discussion of some salient topic or Meeting business. You can attend or not. It is up to you.

Q: What happens during your Meeting for Worship?

A. Friends sit is silence and speak out of the silence if they feel they have a message to share with the Meeting. 

Q: Will I be expected to speak during Meeting?

A: No.

Q: Can a new attender speak during Meeting?

A: Yes!

Q:Your building has a lot of doors where do I go in?

A: There is a side door on the back of the Meeting House, go in there. 

Q: I have some more questions who do I ask?

A: Either email or call Peggy at 464-3511.